Hug A Nun

a group of extremists with a narrow political agenda attempt to forestall social justice and face a moral uprising in the ranks.  no, I am not talking about the Republicans, but about the USCCB, the American bishops group that locked horns with the Catholic hospitals (largely led by nuns).

thankfully, the bishops lost. see this article by E. J. Dionne for more.

it is too soon to understand completely the dynamics which led to the majority of Catholic hospitals rejecting the stand of the bishops.  suffice it to say that the health care bill (which affects at least 30 million uninsured) would not have passed without the support of the nuns.

it reminds me of Kenneth Brigg's excellent book of a few years ago about the nun's story.  my conclusion upon finishing this book is that it is a blueprint for the laity.  every unfair and nasty thing that was done to the nuns by the hierarchy (and, more importantly, every opportunity that this rejection opened up to them) is in store for Joe and Jane Catholic.

check it out: