What Are Your Reasons for Signing the Petition?

Maureen Dascanio Cheshire, MA
Our country was built around the separation of Church and State. It should remain that way and "churches" should not be allowed to give money to political candidates, PACs, or special interest groups whose only mission is to undermine the rights of citizens because of their race, religion, sexual preference, etc.

Richard Jette Adams, MA
The Diocese should follow the rules that apply to every other non-profit organization in Massachusetts.

Barbara Racine Adams, MA
When the Church refuses to be held accountable, you know they are hiding something.

Elaine Whitman Hancock, MA
The people who support the church should have a full accounting. Good decision making requires that the facts be available and accessible.

John Tarsa Adams, MA
The church is supported by the people therefore the books should be open to the people. This not only applies to the diocese but at the parish level too.

Mark White Beverly, MA
Accountability is one of the best ways to keep checks and balances on corporations.

Joseph Borucki South Hadley, MA
With millions of retirement money missing, donations are not going for what they were given for. Reports published in flyers do not tell the whole picture. Books should be open, and the public [given] the right to view. Every group has people who do not follow all the rules, the church is no exception. The people have given less to the churches because of the economy, but may support them more if a watchdog is created, knowing it is going where it is intended.

John Thompson NY, NY
Institutions like the Catholic Church are given tax payer money to do 'charity work' but there is no accounting how these tax dollars are spent. The Catholic Church may be the largest institution that purchases child sexual abuse insurance to keep the cost of paying for their priests who rape children as low as possible. This insurance is usually included in their 'liability insurance' so they can hide it. I do not want my tax dollars used by the Catholic Church to pay their child sexual abuse insurance premiums. The church must be made to account for every single penny of tax dollars they spend or lose their tax exempt status.

Betty Lou Kishler Chaumont, NY
Religious figures have no right to get involved with politics

Alice B Younger Stratford, WI
Because what happens in one State will affect all the State's in the US. We all need to be aware of what is happening all around us or we will end up like the Holocaust.

Katherne Goodnow Lenexa, KS
Read the article. It says it all!
[Katherine refers to: "Earthy Concerns" in The Economist]

Paul Sullivan Tega Cay, SC
The Catholic Church needs transparency on all levels as bad as they need oxygen.

Frank Walterman Hebron, KY
Transparency and accountability are needed to rebuild real trust

Tim Little Oakland, CA
The church should not be involved in politics, The church should only feed the hungry, clothe the naked and house the poor. Period!

Janet Hauter South Barrington, IL
There is sufficient evidence of mismanagement of donations. It is crucial that the Catholic Church account for its money since they knowingly or unknowingly "hide" what they spend and on what. It's time to hold them to the same rules as others.

Chris Murphy Atlanta, GA
Since the diocesan corporations involve themselves with and seek influence in political issues by spending money, they should be required to file reports as other corporations do.

Richard Byrne Staunton, VA
Churches involved in strictly civic activities need to be accountable like everyone else.

Gaile Pohlhaus Media, PA
Because we all should be accountable to one another.

Mark Crawford Avenel, NJ
Such institutions act "above the law" and their secrecy allows this "abuse of power" to flourish. Mandate reporting as we expect from ALL other institutions and organizations...transparency is the best disinfectant.

Alfred Kracher Apple Valley, MN
In a democratic society openness about anything that affects public policy is a necessity. Religious freedom is important, but it does not require secrecy to flourish.

Paula Ruddy Minneapolis, MN
Financial transparency will enhance the health of the Catholic church.

Sarah Kleman Houston, TX
Every nonprofit has to follow these rules. Corporate churches should follow suit.

Susan Druffel Western Springs, IL
Transparency is very important in any organization, but especially in the Catholic Church. Without the truth, all else fails.

William Lindsey Little Rock, AR
Churches should be transparent and accountable in disclosing the use of their finances--particularly when they engage heavily in political lobbying and political activities, as the Catholic church frequently does under its current leaders.

Fred Daniels San Francisco, CA
When an organization dedicates a significant amount of its time to political activities, and controls a significant portion of our healthcare, we should have transparency.

Anna Cannon READING, United Kingdom
It is vital that, in addition to preaching personal morality, the Church is an example of honesty and integrity within societal structures and does not place itself above the law.

Ana Vicente Estoril, Portugal
Because as a Roman Catholic I care about keeping the institutional church in line with Gospel teaching and that obviously means that bishops not only should be chosen by the community that they are to serve but also be accountable in all ways - this must be so in the universal church - USA, Europe etc.

Christopher Pett Bath, United Kingdom
Because honesty and accountability are the cornerstones of a fair and just society